Where You Can Get Chocolate In Henderson That You Will Love

A trip to the Southwest portion of the United States will lead you to areas that will have a lot of diversity. You could end up at a location in California like Joshua Tree, or you could head up further into Palm Springs where you can play a lot of golf. However, if you don’t make it that far, but you are in Nevada, you need to stop in Henderson. It’s just a little south of the Las Vegas strip, and it has great places that you can stay, eat, and have a lot of fun. It’s also a great place if you are the type of person that likes chocolate. Let’s go over a few of the other options that you have available and then tell you where to go if you really want to enjoy chocolate in Henderson.

Top Five Things People Do In Henderson

The five things that people like to do most in Henderson include gambling, taking tours, going on hikes, drinking beer, and also eating chocolate. If you want to go gambling, there are several local casinos that you can visit, and if you get really bored, just had in to Las Vegas. If you like taking tours, there are quite a few available, especially those that had out to the Grand Canyon. You can take a helicopter that will take you into the canyon, and also on the Skywalk, or you can simply take a plane. While you are there, you might get to do some Whitewater River rafting. You may also want to consider hiking and drinking beer, but probably not at the same time. However, for those that love chocolate, there is one place that you should definitely visit.

Ethel M Chocolates Factory And Cactus Garden

Now when most people think about going to Henderson, they are probably not thinking about chocolate. This is especially true if you are traveling during the summer when it is inevitably going to melt. However, this one place is going to be one of the best places you ever go if you got a little bit of free time. The staff is going to be absolutely friendly, the tour is self-guided, and you will get to experience some of the best chocolate that you will ever eat in your life.

Whether you decide to go to Hoover Dam, Vegas, Grand Canyon, or just hang out in Henderson, it really doesn’t matter what you do. You might just hike around, or do a little bit of biking, to get your exercise in. However, if you really want to have fun, it has to do with the food that you eat and this chocolate factory is going to be one of the best locations that you stop at. Be sure to bring a little bit of extra cash because you are going to literally want to buy everything that they sell because it really does taste that good.