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When visiting the Interlaken area, it is not only the sights and attractions that you need to be on the lookout for but also, the restaurants. With several choices for you to select from, it is important to note which restaurants offer which foods in order to ensure that you have enjoy yourself. Note that these are grouped in accordance to the type of cuisine they offer.

For starters, there are some Swiss and International restaurants to choose from. These include the Interlaken guesthouse and restaurant, Benacus Wine Bar and Restaurant, Restaurant Schuh Interlaken, Goldener Anker and Restaurant and Hotel Luegibruggli Unterseen-Interlaken among others.

There are also Thai restaurants such as the Thai Restaurant and Take-away and the Sirniyas Thai Restaurant Interlaken. For those who fancy Italian restaurants, you can make your pick from Westend Interlaken restaurant, the Pizzeria Horn Interlaken, Pisseria Da Rafmi Interlaken and the Ristorante Arcobaleno Interlaken restaurants.

On the other hand, those who love a taste of Indian food can also sample the same from restaurants that prepare the same. In this case they can choose from the Taj Mahal restaurant Interlaken and the Spice India Interlaken restaurants which are both rated as 1 star restaurants.  If you have trouble finding any of these, it is advisable to consider using the directories which will go a long way to ease this process.

Restaurant Directories

  • : This directory is known to feature the restaurants along with telephone number listings.
  •  This is an essential guide to the Swiss restaurants and the Interlaken area.
  • This is a comprehensive guide that provides information on the major restaurants in the Interlaken area.
  • Yet another comprehensive guide to the restaurants in Interlaken.

Note that some of the restaurants here are ranked as 2 star and 1 star hotel and they offer great and sumptuous meals.

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