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There is nothing as good as having a good time while on vacation especially at night. Nightlife is mostly treasured by locals and tourists in this area and there are plenty of places to enjoy this. After an active day of hiking, rafting, biking and skiing, Swiss residents have taken to nightlife between the lakes that have bars, delicacies and music.

Mercure Hotel Interlaken
This hotel is home to two popular and renowned restaurants; the Wintergarten and the Stubli. These hotels open from early in the morning till 9.30; however, the Muh Bar remains open up until one while you can continue enjoying music at the Mercure’s musical entertainment that calls it quit at two.

The Brasserie 17
This nightlife entertainment venue hosts local residents as well as visitors up to the wee hours of the morning. Customers are served cocktails and ales as they shoot on the dart board while others booze up with some unique table football. This hotel also serves chicken wings and ribs and on every Thursday, there is a night concert in the winter, fall and spring. This is an ideal place to let your hair down. You can also gamble at the Casino Kursaal Interlaken, the most renowned city’s gambling spot.

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