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Interlaken is a Switzerland town that is sandwiched between two lakes which Lake Brienz to the east and Lake Thun to the west. The name interlaken was derived from a Latin phrase “interlacus” which means “between two lakes”. The town was earlier on known for watch making, clothing and printing activities and it is currently known for its sporting and tourism activities.

The history of Interlaken town dates back to 1130 when the Augustinian monks established a convent in the town and the convert still remains as the earliest source of importance to this town. In Interlaken region, there are annual events and festivals that started as early as 1200s, which are held up to date. An example of such events it the Jungrau marathon, Unspunnenfest a festival which is usually held in meadows which are near the Unspunnen castle and the Greenfield Music Festival which is held just outside Interlaken. The tourist industry stated to gain recognition in 1690, when Bradenburgers started traversing the mountain regions and by the 19th century, a number of writers and artists like Felix Mendelssohn were already seeking inspiration from the infinite and nature of the Interlaken region. Today, the tourism activities have become so popular that the tourist population surpasses the local population.

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