Giessbach Falls towering over 1,500 feet high, are the defining landmark of this popular tourist town. The tumbling cascade, falling into Lake Brienz is a sight that soothes the eye and pleases the heart.

A ferry from Interlaken across the Brienzersee, then up the funicular leads to the Giessbach Hotel. The hotel presents the tourists with an opportunity to rest and have a snack while enjoying the scenic beauty around them. Surrounded by mountains, forests and meadows and a breathtaking view over the beautiful and unspoiled region of Lake Brienz, Giessbach is an oasis away from the stresses of everyday urban lifestyle.

A quite peaceful walk around or even through the waterfall without so much as an admission fee allows several tourists to witness nature at its best. The tourists can rest, relax and rejuvenate in this powerful landscape.

A path from the top of the funicular crosses the hotel and leads to the parking area and also to a bridge crossing between the waterfall’s middle tiers. This same path also continues down to the boat docks, descending before the misty base and the lower tiers of the fall.

There are various ways to reach these falls. The train between Interlaken Ost and Brienz allows one to catch a glimpse of the falls. A boat directly from Interlaken Ost to Giessbach or vice versa and then the short boat ride to the opposite end of the lake takes one to the falls, while a train ride serves to complete the round trip. One can reach the falls by car too and though it is an excellent ride uphill, it is long and strenuous.

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