3rd arrest in NV case of alleged Russian Roulette-style killing of 17-year-old

17-year-old Matthew Minkler, who was shot and killed last week by a 16-year-old. (Source: Leah Robbins-Golden/KSNV/CNN)

HENDERSON, NV (KSNV/CNN) – Three people are now arrested in connection to the fatal shooting of a teen in Nevada believed to be part of a Russian Roulette-like game.

So far no details on his identity have been released, other than he is male.

A Henderson Police spokesman, Scott Williams, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal he faces charges "along the lines" of destroying evidence and accessory to murder.

Authorities said the teenagers are responsible for the death of 17-year-old Matthew Minkler, who was shot and killed last week.

Jaiden Caruso, 16, is accused of pulling the trigger. Kody Harlan, 17, is accused of helping drag Minkler’s body into a closet before both teens stole his wallet and went shopping.

"That’s murder. That’s just another way to say that they murdered somebody,” Minkler’s cousin, Leah Robbins-Golden, said. “He was a great kid. He had lots of friends. I mean he was just such a delight to be around.”

Henderson Police believe still more teens may have been present for the shooting or saw it on social media.

Minkler’s father has said he doesn’t believe his son was participating in any Russian Roulette kind of game, and was instead deliberately murdered.

And Williams has said “there’s evidence that’s indicating there’s probably more to the story.”

Minkler’s cousin said his family just wants answers.

"I saw so many different names, so we don’t know,” Robbins-Golden said. “You know, we can’t talk to our Matthew and find out who was there and what happened."

Caruso and Harlan were in court on Thursday. They are being charged as adults.

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